The workshop where Angels are created is not located in the very heaven but quite close to it.

Woody mountains and orchid meadows are the first thing which every Angel sees in the world. Sometimes there comes a hare, fox or a little deer, a raven appears on the sky or a white-tailed eagles.. It's a great company and conditions to spread the wings. And when the World is covered with fog or snow, Angels like to sit by the fire with cup of warm tea and gain some good thoughts to take with them, when heading for their new homes.

My angels is 100% original and created with hands basing on my own design, patterns and technology.
It’s a lot of positive energy enchanted in fabric scraps.


Who am I?

A woman who, after years of living in a big city, decided to move out and live nearly in the forest. I used to be accompanied by the sea, now - I'm surrounded with mountains. I studied architecture and city planning in Technical University of Gdańsk, but since I was a child I had inclination to miniatures. I love doll houses, I used to create mock-ups for Miniature Park in Inwałd. Today my passion for micro-scale is realized by creating Angels - clothes, jewellery, accessories..

Welcome to my World!